About Attorney Andrea Henning

Attorney Andrea Henning

Owner, Andrea Henning Law, LLC

I have been a solo attorney for my entire 10 + year career and have also worked as a public defender.

I am proud to have recently opened a revamped, client centered, modern practice designed to make getting legal help easy and affordable.  We do this by offering a la carte services at flat fees and communicating with clients how they want.  We keep in touch with clients in person, by phone, text, email and virtually.  My firm also provides clients a secure portal to exchange documents, pay bills online and have access to case information at any time.  Andrea Henning Law, LLC is located in Lima, Ohio and serves clients in all of Ohio.

My practice focuses on traffic and criminal defense, Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy and limited scope family law services.  When clients come to me, they have lots of questions such as “Do I need a lawyer for this?”, “Can you help me?”, “Should I handle this myself?’, “Can I afford legal help?”.  My first step to answer these questions is to spend time listening to my client to fully understand how their problem is affecting them and what their goals are.  Next, I share with them possible solutions.  Solutions may include how I can help, how they can help themselves and other resources the client may need.  If the client decides to hire me, I share my fees upfront and keep them involved at every step in the case.

The best part of my workday is when I can relieve some stress for a client.  I love when I finish talking with a client and they say “Now I feel better” because they now have a plan to solve their problem.

I was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area.  I currently live in Lima, Ohio with my husband, our three small children and 2 dogs.  In my free time, I like playing with my kids.  Right now, we are really into all things PJ Masks and Paw Patrol.

At Andrea Henning Law, LLC, our motto is “Everything Matters”.  Even a seemingly small legal issue can have a big impact on your life.  We believe legal services should not be a luxury good.  This is why we work to make our services affordable and easy to use.