Family Law

At Andrea Henning Law, LLC, we offer limited scope legal services for people dealing with changes in their family.

What We Do?

We serve clients who need representation in a divorce or dissolution or who are just considering ending their marriage and need more information. We can also represent people in post-divorce/dissolution cases to change custody and support or enforce a property settlement.

How Do We Do It?

As part of our mission to provide access to legal help for moderate means clients, we offer limited scope services in family law cases. Limited scope legal representation can be thought of as an ala-carte menu at a restaurant.

The first step in working with our firm is to schedule a one-hour meeting. At the meeting, we will talk about the situation, whether it be a separation or a desire to change a custody arrangement, that is leading you to want to talk a lawyer. We will discuss what your goals are and design a plan on how to achieve these goals. The plan may involve you, the client handling some or part of the case or it may mean full representation by an attorney.

Schedule an appointment today to talk about your options.