At Andrea Henning Law, LLC, I offer cost-effective legal representation to traffic clients throughout Ohio.  From minor traffic offenses to accidents and OVI (drunk driving), I will make sure that we take advantage of all available options to avoid conviction or get a reduction to a no point offense whenever possible.

I am very passionate about working with truck drivers and other commercial drivers to keep your driving record clean.  My father was a truck driver for forty years and I understand that if you drive for a living, even the smallest infraction can impact your livelihood.  At Andrea Henning Law, LLC “everything matters”.

Traffic Law

Ala Carte Services

Andrea Henning Law offers several levels of service for people facing traffic offenses in Ohio.


If you have a traffic offense and don’t know what penalties you are facing or what can be done about the case, you should schedule a traffic consultation.  For the fee or $75.00, Attorney Andrea Henning will spend up to thirty (30) minutes covering the following topics with you via phone or skype.

  1. Review of ticket
  2. Discussion with Client regarding penalties possible from pending traffic charge, possible defenses available to Client, Client goals in dealing with ticket and realistic outcomes of case.
  3. Review of Client’s driving record, if provided
  4. Advice for Client on how to represent self in court for the (traffic offense).

In Court Representation for Non OVI (drunk driving) Offenses – No Trial

This service is available for clients facing charges of speeding, driving under suspension, charges resulting from an accident or other moving violations.

If you know you want an attorney to go to traffic court with you or decide after a consultation that you don’t want to go alone, we can provide in court representation without a trial for a fee of $300.00.  If you have already paid for a consultation, your payment will be credited towards the cost of in court representation.  If you hire Andrea Henning Law, LLC for in court representation without a trial, you will get the following services:

  1. Consultation (as outlined above)
  2. Entry of Appearance in Court on Client’s behalf
  3. Conduct discovery and review Prosecutor’s response to discovery request.
  4. Attend pre-trial on behalf of client and up to one continued pre-trial
  5. Enter plea on behalf of client, if necessary
  6. Provide Client with summary of outcome of court case, when resolved within scope of representation. Summary includes court costs and fines and other court penalties imposed and due dates and actions necessary at BMV (Ohio residents only)

In Court Representation -Trial

If you decide that your case requires a trial, then Andrea Henning Law, LLC can aggressively defend your rights at trial.  Fees for a trial vary per case but will be assessed on a flat fee basis.

OVI (Drunk Driving Defense)

Andrea Henning Law, LLC also provides different service level options for OVI defense.  This area of the website is currently under construction.  Please contact Andrea Henning Law, LLC for more information.

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I work with clients throughout Ohio who face traffic offenses.  Please schedule a meeting to discuss which level of service works best for you.